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     Attributes like Country and Transaction Types have to upload to Organization Model at Organization Level (O) and at Position Level (S).  Attribtues are in huge numbers and adding them individually is time consuming.  It is desirable to have a program to upload the attributes in one go and reduces human effort.

Technical Solution:

  • Create a report program with selection screen parameter for file path
  • Provide all the data in the CSV file format with the below structure.

File Structure:





Attribute Value Low

Attribute Value High






  • Read the File from Presentation or Application Server.
  • Call the FM “RH_OM_ATTRIBUTES_INSERT” for upload the Each Attributes mentioned in the file.

Input details are mentioned below.

Importing Parameter:

ü  PLVAR   : Will always remain 01

ü  OTYPE   : Will be picked from the file (O/S) (O- Organization, S-Position)

ü  OBJID    : Will be picked from the file (Object ID of the Sales Org/Position)

ü  Scenario: Will be picked from the Input CSV File

Tables Parameter:

ü  ATTRIB_TAB-Attrib: Attribute Name from the Input CSV File

ü  ATTRIB_TAB-Low: Value from the Input CSV File

ü  ATTRIB_TAB-High: Value from the Input CSV File (in case of range)

  • Check for Any errors and capture them. Else commit them.


  • This program can only to upload the various attributes in the CRM organization structure.
  • It can’t be used to create Organisation or Position in the Org Structure.        


  • The basic skeleton like defining the organization unit, creation of sub organization units (like territories) and position must be created manually before hand.
  • Attributes like Postal Code and Transaction Types have to be uploaded into the Organisation Model. The list of Attributes for Organisation Model is listed in Table T77OMATTR.
  • Employee assignment to the respective positions must be done manually.


     This document explains the method to upload Org. Structure Attributs while setting up the org Structure in the new system .  This program will simplify the human effort in filling the attribute in the Org Structure in PPOCA_CRM.

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