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This was from a webcast I attended a while ago.

From SAP:

"Customer Engagement is a simplified version of SAP CRM embedded in S/4HANA.  It was initially available as an add-on named "customer management".

This session provides a functional overview of processes geared towards the utilities industry, and covers an update on the product road map and cloud integration.

Source: SAP

Please note the usual disclaimer applies; things in the future are subject to change

Source: SAP


Vacant premise


Most utilities - see customer and premise overview

High transaction volume

Link to others, such as self service, marketing

Where is customer service, back office

Was built for the employee

Source: SAP

15 years ago; look at CRM

Utilities - meter readings, postings

Looking at large application


A lot of automation

Exception handling

Integrated to other solution


Moving to S/4HANA - analytics, higher performance, searching,

Pressure on TCO


Run embedded CRM

CRM add-on now called customer engagement


Link to self service

Source: SAP

Central point of entry for customer service

Find a customer, create customer, respond to customer, look at premise, make some changes on contract

Customer engagement - web client user interface in CRM7

Updated Fiori theme

Looks like other Fiori applications

Fully embedded in S/4HANA with 1909 and name changed

Was called customer management add-on

Now called customer engagement

Source: SAP

1 harmonized data model

No more replication

Fast move in move out

Source: SAP

One field search

Toggle to classic search

Avoid creating duplicates

Source: SAP

1 click actions

Context sensitive menu options

Source: SAP

For a retailer in deregulated market

Planned for October - adding more processes

Source: SAP

From older CIC implementations - framework, searches, front office process (FOP) tools - this is where you use transaction launcher

Can launch FOP or anything else

Source: SAP

2 editions:

Basic CIC - limited - those who come from ISU CIC - framework; bring those FOP built

Enterprise - move in, sales contract

Migration Scenarios for CRM and IS-U Customers

Figure 11, Migration Scenarios

Source: SAP

Entry point for CIC

Interaction center


Contacts/interaction records

Build history - contacts ..> interaction records

Standard mapping

Default role, menu, navigation bar


Figure 12, Source: SAP

Second migration scenario

Cross Industry Solutions Often Used by Utilities


Figure 13, Source: SAP

Figure 14, Source: SAP

Contact center - voice, email, chat

Figure 15, Source: SAP

ISU role does not include email editor

Road map


Figure 16, Source: SAP

Product direction - scope round-ups - feedback from early adopters


You can find any important links for education for Utilities in the SAP Learning Journeys

SAP for Utilities - Upskilling for SAP S/4HANA and Intelligent Enterprise


Customer engagement as a mobile app?  This runs in a browser no specific mobile app


1909 SAP Help to activate


What do you think?