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SAP Hybris summit being held October 17-19 in Barcelona, Spain. The company announced SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Hybris Customer Attribution functions now include features such as machine-learning facial recognition, WeChat Integration, and the Internet of Things (IoT) triggered campaigns.

SAP with its Hybris solutions continues to innovate and invest in the customer delight and satisfaction with machine learning.

At every stage of buyers journey, the consumers expect premium treatment and customer service. And SAP has well picked these demands in its recent survey which is polled on 20,000 global consumers. Where 89 percent of consumers want a brand to respond to an inquiry within 24 hours of interaction to keep them happy. In order to do that, brands and retailers need to collect the relevant customer's data to build strategies.

Download the 2017 SAP Hybris Consumer Insights Report here.

SAP's Future Tools for Smart Marketers

Now companies can ensure they use the right messages to target the right customer at the right time. The SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud solution now includes a number of solutions for marketers while ensuring the customers' data and privacy protected. With these tools, companies can create more transparency into their marketing performance and spend.

Digital boardroom for the CMO: The new SAP digital boardroom dashboard for the chief marketing offers a more robust view of reports accessing success of running campaigns and transparency towards possible problems that may arise. This new marketing dashboard also identifies new marketing opportunities based on running campaigns and their results.

Machine learning based facial recognition: The SAP Leonardo digital innovation system now powers facial recognition technology within SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, introducing a new way to engage in-store shoppers.
Now as soon as the shoppers walk into the store, the facial recognition system recognizes the gender and age of consumer and connects them to a company or store with the relevant available inventory for that consumer. It all served on a large display. And moreover, it can store the customer's data based on their previous and current buys to recommend them personalized products and favorite brands and sizes.

Internet of Things (IoT) to trigger automated campaigns: With this marketers do not need to run cold marketing campaigns on irrelevant prospects. SAP introduced IoT to trigger campaigns to offer personalized offers at the right time. Like, when a user completes a task or achieves a goal on their fitness tracking app, brands can send them a relevant marketing message and start a new campaign for that group of consumers.

WeChat integration: SAP integrates with the WeChat which is the Chinese alternative of WhatsApp. With this integration SAP Hybris is helping the marketers to expand their global footprint by enabling them to tap into more than 889 million users across China alone.