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          Term ‘Users’ in this blog refer to visually challenged users, who have up to 90% visual challenge.


Background: As part of my previous projects, I got an opportunity to work for accessibility requirements for visually impaired users. This was an unique project experience working on different set of requirements. I had to first understand the business requirements from a different angle( interpret disability of user) and provide appropriate solution. As part of requirement gathering process, Identify the business processes, SAP CRM WEB UI screens navigated by user. Solution should simplify the WEB UI screens with less cluttered information for smooth navigation and uninterrupted process execution. On one project I worked with IS Utilities customer service adviser user, accepting inbound calls, making outbound calls and successfully making sales. On another project I worked with Grantor Funding officer working in back office reviewing customer applications and approving funds.

Users navigated through SAP CRM WEB UI screens using keyboard short cuts and with help of screen reading software.


WEB UI Navigation:

  • Configure shortcuts for keyboard navigation

  • Making sure each UI element can be navigated by using ‘TAB’ key

  • Each UI element has appropriate text and can be read by the screen reading software

  • Making sure all the required information for the user is present on the same WEB UI screen, preventing forward and back navigation.


Screen reading software:

  • Every screen reading software has it own pros and cons, based on the application and OS they are used with

  • Internet Browser compatibility of screen reading software

  • There are some scripts written for JAWS software, which will be triggered as user starts using the software. Its a local deployment.


Custom Development/Changes:

  • Simplified UI screens, with only required information

  • Default the information wherever possible

  • Remove the hyper links



  • SAP CRM WEB UI Tables and table line navigation

  • Hyper links

  • Transaction launchers

  • Custom developed UI elements

  • UI Screen in display and edit mode

  • Attachments to SAP CRM Objects

  • Data loss pop ups

  • Screen reader software does not indicate the current position of the cursor

  • Forward/backward Screen navigation from hyperlinks

  • Un-necessary Messages (Error, Warning, Information)

  • Flickering of UI screen as soon as the screen reader software is activated


High Contrast Screens: High contract UI, typical combinations

  • White background and black text

  • Yellow background and black text

  • Pink background and black text

  • Blue background and black text

New high contract skins were developed


Fonts: Large fonts


Multi lingual: Other than English


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