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This blog describes the possible reasons for translations defined in the fine-tuning activities of SAP C4C not reflecting in the UI when user actually logs in that respective language. Hence, I have summarized the best practices of maintaining translations in SAP C4C.

Let's consider the example of Lead sources to understand this blog.

  • Navigate to Business Configuration --> Implementation projects --> Open Activity List.

  • Search for the activity Leads. Click and open the same.

  • Then open the sub-activity Sources.

  • Maintain translation for one of the sources by clicking on Translate button at the top.

  • In the subsequent screen, select target language, let's say French and then maintain translation for one of the sources. E.g. I maintained the translation as ABC.

  • I now login to C4C in French language and check for the respective dropdown value in Source field in the Lead quick create screen. To my surprise, I see it as DEF, whereas I have defined the same as ABC in the previous step.

  • Reason for this is that there is a Language Adaptation created with target language as French and DEF was maintained as the translation for mentioned source dropdown value in the same.

  • Learning here is that despite maintaining the translation in Fine Tuning, the one defined in the Language Adaptation takes precedence.

  • Edit the respective Language Adaptation, remove the translation maintained for the desired dropdown value and save the Language Adaptation.

  • Re-login with French language and refer to the respective dropdown value in source field in the quick create screen of lead. The expected translation can now be seen.

Considering the above explanation, please note below best practices when maintaining translations in SAP C4C.

  1. If translations are to be maintained for dropdown values of standard fields, first preference should be given to the Translate option in the respective Fine-Tuning activity.

  2. If translations are to be maintained for dropdown values of custom KUT fields, first preference should be given to maintaining translations via Edit field option in Adaptation feature.

3. If Translate option is not provided by standard by SAP for any of the standard fields [For e.g. Regions fine tuning activity], Language Adaptation should be considered.

4. Translations for custom SDK fields have to be maintained via Cloud Application Studio.


Hope this helps. Happy consulting!!!