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Hi everyone,

Today we are going to replicate stock level data for a product. For that, we have to create a warehouse to the material.

Creating a Warehouse.

Step 1:

Open HMC, expand the Base store and click on WAREHOUSE.

Step 2:

Click on NEW and click on WAREHOUSE.


Step 3:

Fill Code and Name and then right click on the base store and Click on Add base store.

Step 4:

Click on search and select power tools. Now click on use.

Step 5:

Power tools in base stores have been added.  Now click on  ADMINISTRATOR tab. 

Step 6:

In the administration tab, you will find a tab named vendor.

Step 7:

Click on that search icon ().  A popup window will appear, click on search button.

You will see Some vendors and select the first one, click on use.

Step 8:

Replicate Stock Level Data in SAP ERP.

Go to Select Transaction Data forTransfer (t-code POIT).

Step 9:

Give HYB_GVK as optimization system.

Scroll down a bit, you will find CURRENT STOCK /REQUIREMENT LIST and Select the radio button " CURRENT STOCK /REQUIREMENT LIST FOR " and enter the values 3000 and 2933 in PLANT and MATERIAL respectively.

Click on execute.

Step 10:

You should see the following message.

Step 11:

Open HMC, expand BASE COMMERCE and click on WAREHOUSE. Click on the search button and double click on the plant number that we gave (3000).

Step 12:

Click on "Find stock level for warehouse".

Step 13:

Now click on search and the product is under the plant.

The Stock is successfully replicated.



Vamsi Krishna G.

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