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Dear SAP and all fellow members,

I am writing this blog to propose a new Tool to enhance the business logic for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C).

Nowadays, if we want to any business logic enhancement or addition, we need to use SDK aka Cloud Application Studio to do this. But this is really painful and time consuming even to do a simple change like "introduce of search help", please see the example blog:

The language "ABSL" (ABAP Script language) and tools are not well known and limited to "Business By-Design" world. Many developers has no clue how to handle things and projects budgeting are going haywire.

We are already over-stressed to learn the new "Cloud software" in the way of implementing and handling customer (SAP Savvy) requirements. We are ready to take the challenge posed by a new wave, but would like to request SAP, to help us bringing a simple way to enhance the Business-Logic from the cloud.

Referring to S/4 HANA "cloud" world: in S/4 HANA Cloud version, SAP has provided a rather simple way to write logic through in-app "BADI" Implementation. Yes it is restricted ABAP, but more convenient than writing ABSL and hovering around the tool of SDK. The example blog:

S/4 HANA is build on Neweaver ABAP layer and it is leveraging the ABAP language usage and making it simple for the developers and consulting company by leveraging the existing skill set.

SDK aka Cloud Application Studio: SDK is actually rebranded from PDI (Partner Development), which was used by Partners to develop "additional" tools, which can be sold in B2B scenario. The SDK aka PDI is good for Partners, who has a group of developers with the knowledge set. But in my view, it does not go well with Consulting companies. As it is not possible to build a "one-for-all" software, it would be required to adapt Business-logic and SDK make it really hard to accomplish this.

Why not the similar approach for C4C from S/4 HANA world: As C4C is build upon Netweaver ABAP and yes SAP Developers has access to the back-end, why not we also get leverage through a App-kind mechanism to adapt Business-logic. It would make our life little bit simple, to run the business "Simple". I would on behalf of colleagues and fellow members of C4C, would like to request and urge SAP to bring such kind of tool.

Please treat all the comments as my personal view, but hope the fellow members would support me to accomplish the goal.

Thanks a lot.