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An Object tagging is a great feature that allows you to tag an instance of an object (Ex. An Order) and share the tags with the community.

As per EhP1 of SAP CRM 7.0 the “Object Tagging” has been made available. With Object Tagging or Tag Cloud, you can easily put all kinds of tags on most of the objects across Sales, Service and Marketing area.

The tag cloud function has to be activated using PARAMETERS profile and Personalization, check details how to  - Tag Clouds - Generic User Interface Functions - SAP Library

  • Tag Clouds is created for usability purposes but it is also a powerful tool for search optimization.
  • Since user link tags are textual and keyword-rich, a tag cloud is more advantageous to use in terms of Search Optimization against traditional navigation bar.
  • Favorites are a collection of direct links to predefined objects which are stored in your favorites list.
  • You can easily create and manage your favorites as well as share them across the community.
Tagging an object (eg. an order)
Tagging an object is easy. In the overview screen of an order (or another object within CRM) you can click on the tag button to tag the order. This tag button you can find in the upper-right corner of the WebUI(below screen shot). Once this button is clicked, a Tag Object Dialog box is opened.
Tags in the “Assigned Tags” area are tags that you already had added to this specific object. These tags can be deleted by clicking on the trash can button. The “Suggested Tags” are tags that have been attached to this specific object by other users and can be selected by clicking the tag.

In the field “Add tag” you can add several tag names by using commas or add only one tag name for one single tag.

You can select any tag and navigate to a result list page where objects are grouped by Object Types. If multiple objects are linked to your tag you will navigate to a results list page, otherwise you will navigate directly to the overview page if only a single object is linked to the tag.

Available actions in the assignment block “Tag”

In your homepage, your tags should be visible in the assignment block “Tag”.
Here you can choose the following actions to display your tags:

  • My Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Search for Tags
  • Search for objects
  • Popular Tags
  • My Recent Tags

How to enable this new feature

Requisite - To enable this new feature, you have to assign a Functional Profile “Parameter” to a Business Role .
1. First you should create a Parameter (Refer UIF_PROF as value) with the right settings for the tag cloud. You can do this by adding the correct Parameter Assignment to the profile.

2. Assign a new functional profile for the tag cloud, you assign this to your Business Role.

3. After assigning the Business role to the right user, it is possible that you have to make some personal settings in the Web UI (Home - Personalize - Settings).
After that you can assign tags to all the objects across Sales, Service and Marketing area.