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UKISUG Connect is the largest annual gathering of SAP users, experts and partners across the UK and Ireland. Spread over 3 days, UKISUG Connect is the 'go-to' annual conference for all SAP users, this year with unprecedented opportunities to learn from SAP experts, network with like-minded peers and collaborate together to influence SAP - one way to do so is Usability Testing.

Do not miss this exclusive opportunity to test new and existing SAP products and solutions, whilst giving on the spot feedback to the product teams designing them. The Usability sessions at UKISUG Connect are not demonstrations, they are one-to-one workshops allowing you to work directly with design prototypes. By understanding your needs and how you use SAP products ensures that the product teams continue to build software that is right for your business.

Usability Testing at UKISUG Connect 2019: Topic Overviews

Topic 1: A Holistic UX Concept for SAP HANA Data Management Suite

SAP HANA Data Management Suite enables secure, governed, enterprise-class applications and analytics by providing an open, hybrid, and multicloud-enabled solution suite that orchestrates all the data you need into a trusted, unified landscape. Help create a holistic user experience (UX) concept that provides the best possible experience across all different components for SAP HANA Data Management Suite.

Topic 2: Display Accounting Impact - New Ways to Analyse the G/L Impact of Selected Business Transactions

Come experience how SAP software for displaying the G/L impact of selected business transactions and related applications for displaying document flows can help your analysts better identify discrepancies in G/L postings and help shape the future of the SAP S/4HANA Finance Solution.

Topic 3: New BI Launchpad Based on SAP Fiori - BI Launchpad Enhancements and BI Workspace for SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.3

Discover how to access and manage business intelligence (BI) reports using the new BI launchpad based on the SAP Fiori UX. The BI launchpad is entirely reshaped, simplified and modernised based on SAP Fiori 2.0.

Topic 4: SAP Fiori 3 - A Next-Generation User Experience

Come join us to see and experience the future of work in digital transformation through the SAP Fiori 3 user experience (UX), the upcoming work environment of a business user. SAP Fiori 3 will offer a seamless and coherent design experience across all SAP products.

Topic 5: Total Workforce Management - Designing for the intelligent enterprise

Join this session to experience the future of total workforce management software from SAP and see an intelligent and seamless workflow designed with the latest and best SAP user interface to date - SAP Fiori 3. The focus of this session is on monitoring projects and paying contingent workers. Learn how SAP software supports project managers along with accounts payable and accounts receivable accountants to foster exceptional tasks with the help of the SAP CoPilot digital assistant.

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