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Hello C4C lovers:

My clients noticed that emails sent from C4C activities were received with the sender "donotreply" And their need was to send the emails with the current user.

Here I show you to make this configuration in 3 simples steps.

Let's go...

Use case: From the Client Activities, you need to send an E-Mail to the Client notifying something about a new feature of your services. Your Customer contacts you on WhatsApp and tells you that your emails were received from the sender "no response".
This user contacts the administrator to resolve the issue. And the admin said: Give me a minute and your wishes will be fulfilled.

How to? Follow these steps...

  1. Go to the Business Configuration work center and choose the Implementation Projects View. (1, 2, 3)

       2. Click on the Edit Project Scope button and Selec from the Questions Activity Management "Instead of the sender's name "on behalf of" the system's e-mail address, do you want to use only the employee's e-mail address as the sender? (4, 5, 6, 7)



3. Save the changes.

Now when you send an E-mail from the Activities (ex. Opportunity, Customers, others) the sender will be the current user. Like this:


Reference Link: Note KBN "2302750 - When Sending an E-Mail From an Activity The Sender is Not The Current User"

Specials thanks to @luisMiguelAlvarez.

I hope that was useful for you and keep in touch!