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We may have come across the use of mashups in different scenarios, including, but not limited to web searches, company or industry business information, online map searches and so on within C4C. Often the business requirement would be to add them as separate tabs and not associate them with any other business objects.

As an administrator we can add a mashup as a new tab in C4C without making use of SDK .

Here’s how it can be achieved:

  1. Create an HTML mashup and activate (Administrator --> Mashup Authoring). Here, I've created Bing Search as an HTML Mashup

  2. Next, navigate to Administrator --> General Settings --> Custom Work Center and create a Custom Work Center and Work Center View

  3. Assign the Custom Work Center to a Business Role or a User before embedding the mashup

  4. Embed the mashup to the tab now. All the HTML mashups that are allowed for the screen are listed in the embedded mashup popup. Select the relevant mashup and Click ‘Apply’.

Note: The HTML feature of toggle visibility is replaced with the page layout based visibility control.


We have successfully embedded the Bing web search to our C4C tenant. For more details on Mashups, Refer SAP Cloud for Customer Extension Guide

Hope this blog post is helpful ?. Stay tuned!