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Preliminary note: this project was developed on SAP Netweaver 7.02 SP11 with GW 2.0 SP04 Developer edition available here... so actually there's no need for a CRM system to be able to play with it (despite the title of this blog), as soon as component WEBCUIF is present in your system.

If you do not know BMDG (Bol Master Data Generator) yet, you might want to take a look at the following links:

CRM7.01: what if you could create complex master data models in one click?

CRM7.01: bol master data generator

To sum it up very quickly, it's a tool that allows me to create any kind of master data more easily than any other tool I had my hands on. And only too prerequisites are required:

1) The data to be created should exist as BOL object (ex.: "BuilHeader" for Business partner).

2) A "Template" describing how the bol objects will be created should be stored in a customizing view cluster.

When both prerequisites are met, it's only a matter of copy/paste to create any data model, as much complex as you like (see the video included in one of my previous blog post).

But: until now the "template" creation could be quite long depending on the number of objects to be created (ex.: 2 business partners with one sales order each), and the number of rules to be implemented (ex.: name of the second BP should be the same as the first BP + "_COPY" as suffix), etc.

I believe this period is over.

BMDG is now shipped with a complete WebUI application (component name is "ZBMDG_MAIN") that let's you:

  • Search for existing templates
  • Create new templates with a nice tree view where all parent/child relationships are determined automatically between bol objects
  • Edit templates
  • Delete templates
  • Copy existing templates
  • Execute templates to see the results
  • Etc.

So in case you're interested in saving a lot of time when creating/importing data into your system, feel free to join BMDG project on Assembla.

Here are a few short videos showing how it works:

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