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In this blog we are going to create follow up documents for C4C ticket. The follow up document for ticket can be created in ECC or CRM system based on the processing type of line item.

Deploy the communication Scenario “Creation of Ticket follow up document in sap business suit” in C4C. And once that’s done your standard IDOC will flow to ECC and will create the standard documents like Credit memo, Debit memo, Good receipt based on the processing type of line item.

But in this blog we will be focusing on how we can create our own transaction (sales order document) as a follow up document of ticket.

If you want to add any custom field in ticket that to be flowed to ECC then check below link:

Let’s move further and check how we can create follow up documents:

1. login to your respective ECC client, and go to tcode SE18.

2.  Implement the enhancement spot COD_ERP_SERVICE_CONF.

3. Once implemented you will find a list of BADI methods which are triggered while creation of   standard documents. The below BADI methods are triggered based on the processing type of product in ticket.

4. Function Module COD_SERVICE_CONFIRMATION is used to trigger methods for creating documents in which above BADI methods are triggered. Is_message parameters contains all the details in form of tables.

5. BADI method IF_BADI_COD_SERVICE_CONF~MAP_IAOM is triggered every time as it created internal order for all the processing types of tickets. So we need to enhance and place our code in this method.

6. Check the processing type from item table as per required. The item for which document need to be created.

7. If item is found, check whether any document already exist for same line item, if yes then update else create a sales document using the function module COD_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.

Note: If you want to stop/skip creation of any standard document then enhance the respective BADI method and pass the SKIP_STANDARD_PROCESS parameter as True.

Please do comment on this blog if you find any issue in creating C4C ticket follow up document.

Happy Learning

Gagan Gupta