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Hybris Customer for Cloud has out of box integration with Microsoft outlook application. This integration will help business users to manage contacts, Email activities to synchronize from Microsoft outlook client application.

Note: This add -on available for Outlook client application only

In order to integrate with Cloud for Customer with Microsoft outlook user required to perform below steps.

  1. Login into C4C application and Navigate to download section
  2. System opens Downloads and section and provides add for Microsoft Outlook
  3. User can click on add-on download. Downloaded .exe file can run in system to install add-on

Note: During installation of .exe file users need to make sure that Outlook application is closed

All above steps can be avoided with the help of IT desk where this add-on can be packaged and can be pushed to all users as software update. IT desk need to ensure that this file is whitelisted in the policy so that it can install with out  any problems.

Below is the screenshot of C4C download section from where users can download Microsoft outlook add-on.

After installing add-on, user outlook enabled with new C4C folder in outlook application.If required user can rename this folder.

This add-on will also enable few new buttons on Outlook header as shown in the below screen shot.

Log-on button will allow users to login into SAP hybris C4C application by providing application link and user credentials.

After clicking on Log-on button,system will provide pop-up and where users required to provide URL and user-ID details. In case of SSO link IT support team should be able to push these changes to user mechanics.

In the following screen, user should provide C4C link and user ID details to enable login into Hybris cloud for customer system.

Setting button on top of Microsoft outlook will allow users to personalize what data to be synchronized with Cloud and Microsoft outlook.

Download contacts will enable the users to download the contacts associated with them.

Users will have the option to synchronize leads, Opportunities  based on status.

Add-on also enable the button Add E-mail. This button will allow users to synchronize inbound emails to C4C system as business activity. This function will help business users to track email as Business activities, reporting and potential business out of it.

By Clicking Add Email button email will be synchronized to C4C application as Business email activity. System will provide notification after data synchronization with C4C application.

Add-on also provides Save and Send email to Hybris C4C button on outlook for sending email and also for creating new contacts. User are provided with option to choose account associated with Email/Contact while synchronizing the data with C4C.

Below is the screen shot where sent emails button enable to send email to contact as well as to C4C application. Single click will help user to send email as well as creation of activity in C4C.

Below is the screen shot for contact creation from Outlook application where add Contact will synchronize contact with C4C.

Before submitting contact/ Email user provided option to choose account below is the screen shot for that. User can select the account from C4C and add it.

Below is the screen shot where activity synchronized with C4C application.

Next document I will continue to publish on social media integration with C4C application.