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For a particular Trade Promotion, accruals are calculated as per “accrual methods “configured.

The Funds Management application provides  accrual management capabilities, which means that accrual calculations can be done within the SAP CRM system and sent to SAP ERP where the amount is posted in SAP ERP Financials.

The Accrual Calculation job can use various reference data types, depending on what is defined in Customizing. Examples include sales volumes (SAP ERP), trade promotion management (TPM) planning data, or funds data. The accrual calculation results are stored within the accrual staging area.

In Accrual Posting it is possible to schedule an accrual posting run in the batch processing framework to post the accrual results as fund postings, which are transferred to SAP ERP financials as accounting documents

Below diagram explains configuration set up linkage for Accrual method for particular Trade promotion and spend types.

Configuration Path

  1. SPRO -> Customer Relationship management --> Fund management --> Accruals --> Accrual Calculation Method

Below are the overview of the six accrual methods delivered in SAP CRM Trade Promotion standard. However, it is possible to configure alternative accrual calculation methods on a project basis/requirement.

The information of accrual method   can be seen in Fund usage in Trade Promotion. Pls. refer below screenshot for the same.

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