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Accessing SAP CRM On-Premise from Mobile device

Recently I was working on a solution to access SAP CRM On-Premise System from Mobile Device such as iPad or iPhone, and I would like to share the solution to our community for further use. This solution was done in iOS device but for sure it is working in Android devices also.


Customer has On-Premise system and they would like to access from mobile device but do not want to invest further in mobile client development, as they want to access Order or Activity for minimal use.


I have seen SAP C4C (Cloud for Customer) App and wanted to give a flavor like that with minimal effort. So the thought process went for solution Step-By-Step :smile:

Connect to client network:

In our example client system can be connected to through Cisco VPN or Cisco Any client software. For VPN connectivity Apple device has pre-installed

VPN profiles, which can be found in General -> VPN -> Add configuration....IKEv2 is correct VPN profile for Cisco VPN

username and password can be stored or given at access time




For Cisco Any Client, it should be downloaded from App Store and configuration should be manually added :


Accessing Log-On URL:

URL can be manually typed into browser or opened through a link, and after successful network connection log-on page should be available for credentials. After normal credentials check the whole SAP CRM functionality is available at your hand.

Apps-like feeling

To give fine touch solution we can use functionality to create a so-called 'App' using: download -> add to Home Screen


It is not alternative for mobile client or cloud based C4C as they have another purpose and also the screen does not adjust to device, but it is very cost effective way if client uses would like to use On-Premise System in 'on-field' without investing too much.

Please keep sharing your thoughts and comments.