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Worklist error after CRM upgrade: Syntax error in CL_CRM_BT_T_SEARCHVIEW_IMPL class, GET_STATUS_BY_DESCRIPTION method

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After CRM upgrade from CRM 7.0 EHP1 to CRM 7.0 EHP sps 14 we get a syntax error when accesing worklist funcionatity.

The problem is a syntax error in a standard class called: CL_CRM_BT_T_SEARCHVIEW_IMPL

This class has a method called GET_STATUS_BY_DESCRIPTION which seems to be declared twice, one as a public method and the other one as a private method. So we're getting a syntax error.

Does anyone know the cause of this error and the solution?? we can't find a snote which fix this error.

I've attached dump in st22

Thanks in advance

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not sure exactly, but the dump is not english, there are some descriptions I don't understand. can you give a English DUMP file?

From this DUMP, the problem occurs when create an instance for class ZL_CRM_BT_T_SEARCHVIEW_IMPL.

How about making syntax error checks for ZL_CRM_BT_T_SEARCHVIEW_IMPL and CL_CRM_BT_T_SEARCHVIEW_IMPL? Can you send screenshots also here?


GET_STATUS_BY_DESCRIPTION should be a public method. It might have inconsistency in the class file. Please go to SE24, Edit the class, and go to menu 'utilities'->regenerate sections.

SAP Note 896919 might help.

Best Regards, Corrine