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Workflow error while ImpEx

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Hello Hybris Community,

I have an issue importing an ImpEx sample workflow.

Would you please ellaborate to resolve this issue. The script example has been uploaded @GitHub:

Thank you in advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi !

The problem you have is to do with access rights. Rather than doing it manually, I suggest you use the following script to assign the access rights to your productmanager users:


If you want to assign it manually, you have to find the appropriate type (e.g., WorkflowAction) in the Access Rights tab of your employee's editor area and clicking on the '+' button on the top left of the table for the 'Objects' table in this tab.

Please assign the appropriate access rights to your productmanager users before trying to have them as the assigned user for the WorkflowTemplate and WorkflowActionTemplate items. I would advise you to include the access rights ImpEx script in the script you have for your new users and workflow imports. Put it after the creation of your new users and before the workflow-related data.

After looking over the ImpEx script you have, I saw that you used the wrong attribute names in the headers, for example 'activationScript' is supposed to have the capitalized letter 'S'. For the workflow action templates, it's 'rendererTemplate' not 'renderTemplate'. There are also other issues that I fixed. The fully fixed ImpEx script is in the following attached ZIP file. I have tested this on hAC and it is properly creating the workflow-related items and the employees, with the appropriate access rights. (One thing to quickly note is that you need to ensure that you have the 'productValidation' renderer template as in the data you mentioned as I had to create a dummy one with this name. Change it to one that you require (or simply leave it blank) if it causes problems.)

Click for Fixed ImpEx Script

Again, I've tested this and it is importing the required data. If you have any further questions, let me know.

Best regards,


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hey Niko,

Sorry for the late response, but I was busy with other issues and found out a bit late another problem with the discussed workflow script.

Unfortunatelly I've got an error while importing modified by you Workflow Template script. After successfull validation I've noticed the following issue, which is related with the productCatalog:

Is this script, after successfull validation proceed with successfull import?

Best Regards

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Hi Niko,

Thank you so much for the fast response.

The capital s letter wasn't such a problem to validate the script, but the workflow action template "rendererTemplate" was the issue, doesn't seems that logically to me just because of two letter to missvalidate the script.

It will be much easier, if there is a debug function within the administrative import panel 🙂

Thank you again!

Best Regards