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Why custom label provider is not working in NG cockpit hybris 5.4

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Hi ,

We have tried to implement custom label provider but it is not picked by ng cockpit.


 <y:base xmlns:y="">
     <y:labels beanId="myRegionProvider">

bean id="myRegionProvider" class="xyz.widgets.labels.MyRegionProvider" Spring bean in -backoffice-spring.xml

Please let us know what I'm missing here.

Thanks, Trilok

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this is a known issue. For the time being you would have to register a bean factory post processor to register the bean in the parent context.

This should be fixed in the 5.6.0 (chances are that we'll make it for 5.5.1 but I can't promise it).

For now the bean will only be visible in the context of your custom backoffice module.

Cheers, Wojtek

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Can you please provide an example?