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Where to find details on setting BP update XML fields?

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We're setting up BP update transactions via XML and are having difficulty finding details on how to populate some of the control data in the XML structure.

Our SAP consultants contend that, beyond structural BP docs, there are no docs produced by SAP that describe requisite parameters and how they should be set - is that true?

Some of the requisites I've guessed are below. Where can I find docs on these, or at a minimum, an example of an out-of-the-box BP transaction that would be successful?

- PartnerHeader ObjectType needs to be set to "BusinessPartner"

- The PartyID and its scheme attributes need to be set appropriately

- "updateindicator" attribute for an element to be updated needs to be set to "X"

- ObjectTaskChangeIndicator element value needs to be set to "U"

Thank you!


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Hi Steve,

Generally when you need to find out parameters you would test a working one to see what is present so you can just replicate this.

Therefore I would suggest that you set the Business partner subscription for the xml site type and other required settings. Then make a change to a business partner and see the output of the xml file to see the parameters you will need.

Hope this gets you on the right path for the solution.