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Where the BP internet role's SU01 data stored in CRM

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Hi Guys,

We are creating BUSINESS PARTNERS using a abap upload program . We are using CRM 4.0 620 release.

I have created roles for all the Business partners(All the roles are stored in but100).. one of the assigned roles is <b>INTERNET USER ROLES</b>.

<b>When i select this role for a Business partner in using BP transaction i could see the SU01 roles assigned to the particular business partner under internet user tab screen of the BP transaction.</b>

can some one tell me when i select the <b>INTERNET USER ROLES</b> for a BP <b>where the related SU01 data is picked from and which is the CRM table storing this data</b> .

Will appreaciate an early reply..



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sundar,

This is the integration between the BP and SU01.

The SU01 data is not stored in any BP related tables. Only the role is stored in the table BUT000. Entire data is picked from the user tables.

The module 'SUSR_USER_READ' is used to read the user information from the user tables. Details about this can be found in the central person module BUCP_BUPA_EVENT_ISDAT. Hope this helps.



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