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What Sales Contract functionality is available per 1708?

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According to the hybris wiki "1708 Key Highlights" includes Sales Contracts. However, I cannot find any information or details on this in the 1708 release notes. Can anyone tell me more about the Sales Contract functionality available per 1708?

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Hi Prasanth,

I am currently implementing C4C Sales with Sales Contract being created in C4C and then replicated to ECC. The concept of Sales Contract was introduced so that we can track the Release Quantity and the Remaining Quantity in C4C. But we are unable to get the values populated to these field as ECC contract is not able to pass that information to C4C.


1. Which fields in ECC Sales Contract will be mapped to C4C Sales Contract Release Quantity and the Remaining Quantity ?

2. We check VBAK and VBAP tables for the contract and none of the fields carry the remaining quantity and release quantity values, so not sure how does the flow of information happen from ECC to C4C.