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What is the hybris OOTB in built Type structure of itemtype and Tables?

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What is the hybris OOTB in built Type structure of itemtype and Tables.

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Hi Dev, Items type are basic building structure for database in hybris. You can refer these links for getting basic knowledge about different item types and their structure in OOTB hybris.

also referer the link, provied by Juan

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Hello again Dev

I have notice a few post made by you related to basic information about hybris, I strongly recommend you to start with the hybris developer trails to basic understanding of the hybris platform, trust me after doing the trails, at least the core ones you will have a full picture of the hybris platform, features and tips about how to use it.

Step 4 will show you how to manipulate itemtypes, but like i said before i recommend you to complete the entire trail.

Now regarding to your question Itemtypes are templates for objects in the hybris platform, this means that instead of talking about object you were talking about items.

The way they are related to the tables in database depend of the deployment tag you have defined in the item definition, this means that if you want to set a particular itemtype to a database table you have to define a deployment tag during the creation of the item in your item.xml file.

If the item doesn't have any deployment tag in their definition, it will store the data in the super type deployment table.

Is important to know that the minimum hierarchic possible in items is the GenericItemType, this means that all itemtypes at some point extend from this one.

Below some useful documentation about itemtypes

Best Regards