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What is the goal of sending task campaign from MKT to C4C?

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Hello experts I have a question about the campaigns that send tasks from MKT to C4C.

So far I have seen that I build a campaign in MKT and it reaches the C4C campaign module.

But, I don't see that in C4C a task is assigned to the customer.

What is the process and to what extent does both tools allow the delivery of appointments.

The point is that the customer who is included in the target group is reviewed and a task was not assigned.

So when sending this type of campaign should or should the task be assigned?

Or missing some configuration?


Elio C

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Hi Elio,

More information around a typical use case for task creation from Marketing to Sales can be found in this help document:

For appointments, there is a dedicated campaign action called Create Appointment.

On the Sales Cloud side, the marketing-driven Tasks and Appointments should be associated to the contact and respective account (displayed on the profile page) and can be assigned by a sales person.