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We r using internet sales (ISA 5.0) with SAP r/3 as backend.

We have around 300 product catalogs.(product catalogs are made by converting customer material info record of each customer into corresponding product catalog by a program ).How to go about in maintaining the webshop?Do we need to maintain webshop for each product catalog?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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  1. One catalog,

  2. Any catalog areas and sub areas based on your product hierarchy or manual hierarchy of catalog.

  3. Customer specific catalog views based on the customer material inforecord (Partner Product range). You can leverage teh current programs to create the views.

Easwar Ram

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Hi Jac,

for you have customer info records you can automize your content management.

You can write an update program, which does the following:

1. step: Create a hierachy node for every customer. In the node you need to store the customer number. This is needed to generate the correct catalog view in the web shop.

2. Step: On basis of the customer info records assign the material numbers to the according catalog nodes.

With skillfull select options (e.g. select for customer numbers) you can create initially a complete catalog or just exchange single nodes.

This way you get one catalog with 300 'subcataloges'. If you have no more than 200.000 catalog items and a TREX (and not too many attributes, texts or complicated pricing) there should be no performance problems.

Another step in your process could be the quality check of your data. E.g. are all prices maintained? Is the image missing. For the above described updateprocess and the Q-check we do offer a consulting solution which is called CatMan. See OSS-note 755052.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I think u dont need to. To accomplish functionality of the all catalogs.

Create a catalog and create 300 areas under that catalog for yor mentioned catalogs so that you can accomplish your job .