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Webhook is not triggering for account data update

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Hi Experts,

We have webhook configured for account update event, we are setting the custom flag using dataflow and also resetting same flag in next step of the flow. 
steps are as below,

  • Fetch user
  • update flag to true   (webhook is not triggering for this step)
  • update same flag to false  (webhook istriggering only for this step)

We are expecting, webhook should trigger two times in one iteration of record in the dataflow.
Your thoughts are much appreciated.


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Hello @grohitg238,

I recommend below approach to handle this - 

  • Add a brief delay or a different field update between setting the flag to true and then false to ensure changes are taken.


    Split the dataflow into 2 steps to ensure the system processes each state change distinctly.

The steps would be - 

  1. Fetch the user details from SAP CDC.
  2. Update the custom flag to true.
  3. Introduce a minor, unrelated update or introduce a short delay to ensure the state change is recognized.
  4. Update the custom flag to false.


I hope this answers your query.

Best Regards,
Kunal Bansal | SAP CX Solution Architect 

Thanks Kunal for your valuable suggestion. Its really helpful.