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WEB-UI - How can we add fields "Activity reason" + "Activity result"?

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We are just upgrading from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2007 (WEB-UI). Now we have recognized that on creation of an CRM activity, the fields "activity reason" and "activity result" are not provided in the WEB-UI anymore. Obviously, they cannot be added by using the component workbench (Component “BT126H_Call” / View “SCDetails”), as they do not seem to be available from there.

How can we add this fields to a/m component? As all table entries for “results” and “reasons” are customized via standard functionalities, we do not want to add additional customer fields.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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Hi Melanie,

Yes you can add these fields by using the component workbench.

You can find them in context nodes BTSUBJECTF and BTSUBJECTG => Field STRUCT.CONC_KEY



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Hi Fabian,

Thank you for your assistance. Now I was able to find all fields in question:

Activity result: Component BT126H_APPT / Field group BTSUBJECTG / Field "char20"

Activity reason: Component BT126H_APPT / Field group BTSUBJECTF / Field "char20"

Best Regards,