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WEB Client session maximizes automatically

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Dear Frds,

does anyone know how to solve below probelm?WEB IC session is being maximised automatically.

1. I log in in and Minimises WEB IC session and keep working with something else.

2. After some time (30 mins!!) Web IC session Maximises (opens to the work area) on itself.

Does anyone know how can i stop this from happening?

Thanks and regards,


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Answers (2)

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Problem was solved by changing parameter "rdisp/plugin_auto_logout" to 18000 seconds. Actually it can bes set either to maximum or minimum (0)

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First of all I would not call this a real "problem", correct me if I'm wrong but when the page maximizes your webclient also times out, correct?

Well, this behaviour is controlled by javascripts, these javascripts are located in the page fragment "root_content.htm" of the BSP application "IC_BASE". I did not take a close look but I see a javascript function called function timeoutHandler()


/* close session(s) */







Maybe try to take a look there.

You cannot control this behaviour without changing the SAP standard!!!!!

You could set a breakpoint (a javascript breakpoint that is, not a ABAP/session breakpoint!) to see what piece of javascript is called at what time.

Hope this helps,

Kind regards,