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Visit Planner queries do not correspond to Visit Details settings

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The visit frequency can be defined per Sales Organization and visit type using the Visit Details tab. The Last Visited and Visit Before date are now calculated for each combination of visit type and Sales Organization.

Based on the Sales Organization of the Owner and the visit type of the Visit, the Next Planned Visit, Last Visited and Visit Before will be adjusted.
This feature comes in real handy when an account has different visiting routines and timings depending on the Sales Organization.

Although it seems that these values are not extended into other workcenters, f.e. the Visit Planner.

Visit Planner

In the Visit Planner, a Query "My Accounts with No Visits Planned" can be used to display these Accounts in a Map View. My user (assigned to BE Retail Fresh) will now be able to see the account on the map.

From the moment a user, bound to another Sales Organization, creates a visit, the Next Planned Visit for this Sales Organization will be set.

BE Retail Fresh does not yet have a Next Planned Visit, so this account still need to be visited before 18/02. But if the user checks the Visit Planner again, the Account is not shown. So if the account has a visit planned, no matter for which Sales Organization, it won't be visible anymore in this Query. You would expect the account to still show up for the users bound to BE Retail Fresh and not anymore for the users bound to BE Retail Frozen but all users have the same view here.

So the account has to be visited for the BE Retail Fresh Sales Organization but won't be because it's not showing up on the Visit Planner.
How can we make sure the account still shows up for the Sales Organizations where no next visit is planned?

Kind regards
Lissah Blommaert

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Answers (1)

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Apparently this is available through the Route Object:

Any plans on providing this functionality in the Visit Planner?

Kind regards

Lissah Blommaert