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Visit date auto reverted

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Issue : when customer trying change previous date to present after some time it's auto reverted previous date. i checked with test user it's not auto reverted . it's only with particular user.ia there any outlook integration problem of that particular user or something c4c

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Hi Sasi,

Can you please indicate where (C4C or MS Outlook) the user changed the date? When you add the detailed steps of what is exactly happening it is easier for the community to support you.

When a visit date is created and or updated in C4C it is sent immediately to MS Outlook. As soon on both sides (C4C and MS Outlook) the visit exists (= are linked to one another) updates on data and time should be replicated back and forth (as well as for example notes)

Please check with the user where the visit has been created initially. I always advise to create the visit from C4C initially, in order to ensure that the account and contact are correctly assigned.