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Variant processing

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How do we find whether the variant is daily running or runs only for a specific period?

I used tcode sm37---job name---- Step--- Goto--- variants, in this I got created from and to dates which is from 6/01/2021 to 6/30/2021.

So does this means that this variant runs only on last day of this month???

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Hi Ajilin,

In SM37 at the job definition you define the Job Frequency, this can be Hourly, Daily, Monthly, etc.

In SA38 you define the variant for the executable program, in your case you seem to be using Dates. If i understand you correctly here you are missing the Dynamic Date Calculation part while defining the variant for this program.

Funny that your query comes up in the Variant Configuration forum 🙂 i think we are talking about different "variants" 😉

Hope this helps.


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This is an ERS related job which runs last day of every month.

This job contains variants which has Goods

Receipt posting date created from 6/01/2021 to 6/30/2021. Since this job containing this variant is picking up every last day of a month does that mean variant pertaining to this job also runs on every last day of a month ??

See the attached below screen shot of variant of ERS job which I was talking about.