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using CRM PCUI

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I got a question about using CRM PCUI.

My solution is CRM 4 PCUI 602 and got some questions about the detail view.

If you using the Accounts application and searching for an account.. now you got a list with accounts that matches your search. If you press on a search result, a new table under will open with tabs like Interaction History, Activities, Opportunities and so on.

When pressing the tab Opportunities, the Opportunities is listed. What i want, is to go on one of thoose Opportunities and se the whole. Not just the sampled field that this table brings like Trans. Type, Description and so on.

I can open the application Opportunities to perform my task, but i find this a rather bothersome.

So my question is as follow:

Is it possible to open an Opportunities (or Activity for thats sake) from a search on an account?

Hope you can answere my question!

Best regards,

Kristoffer Engh

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kristoffer,

what the Standard provides is a link from the list of Opportunities or Activities to the special Application. This Link is Role dependent. You have to maintain it in CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C -> Navigation.



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Thanks for your good answere.

Could you please tell me how to perform this task?

I am inside Navigation now and have 7 possibilities:

Define Object Type for Navigation

Define Method for Navigation

Method for Object Type (Navigation)

Assign Object Method to Role

Consistency Check for Object Links

Use Role Copier for Object Links

Assign Portal Role to Single Role

SAP_PCC_SALES_MANAGER is assigned to the portal role What more should be done?

got to have this up and running before the summervication:)

so please help me out some more

The documentation i find is rather small

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From Blueprint tables( SE16-> CRMC_BLUEPRINT->application CRMD_ACCOUNTS (am not sure of this find out the application) ) of the accounts application, find the field group for the event Opportunities tab. Then find the structure in the CRMC_FIELDGRE and then list all the fields you wanted to show.

Then go to CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C tcode ->Application Element->Field Group->Field Group Structure. Customize your entries here which u wanted to show in the PCUI. Then Generate the layout found under the ->Application Element->Generate Layout.

hope this helps you,


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Thank you for your good answere.

But can you answere on one thing.

Is it provided by the standard that the way that i descibed in the first post? That you can open an Opportunities (or Activity for thats sake) from a search on an account? Or is this button disabled by default?

Best Regards

Kristoffer Engh

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