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User subcription in C4C

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I have a question about the User subscription in the C4C system. I created a service UI for the sales user (tickets view), in this screen I deleted and blocked the most of fields and actions. Because I need the sales user can to see the tickets without use more adicional service subscription. I don't know the scope of the subscription in this case.

So now my customer are asking me if I can to set visible some fields on this ticket UI (Service category, Product, Incident category). But I don't know if I set visible this field the system take that like a service subscription (adicional), and one user (sales user originally) use two subscription. I think that because this field are part of the step "processing tickets" in the service process and the correct functionality is an service user complete this fields.

I appreciate all help because I need to know if I do that the customer have more cost.


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There are specific licensing options available with C4C that could fulfill the needs of your customer as outlined above.

Please reach out to the SAP sales team / your SAP contact to get the details of this offering.

I will also send this thread to our in-house pricing expert to provide an opinion in this matter.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!

I sent the question to my SAP sales team.