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URL tracking for Mail Forms .

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Hi ,

There is a requirement in my project where we need to track the reponse of a campaign .

We are executing campaigns through mail forms which are being sent to a selected target group.

We want to track the number of people in the target group who have read the mail form and send a confirmation mail back to the sender.

I have inserted a URL with the tracking option Via Intermediate Site .

However on selecting or clicking the link in the email , I am encountering the following error .

MIG=4BA8165A05603666E10000000AA80BF6&URLGUID=4BA853211D3D29D0E10000000AA80BF6 - does not exist.

Do the above objects- MIG and URL GUID need to be defined somewhere for it to be transferred back to the CRM server for response tracking ?

Are there any additional configurations to be done ?

Any suggestions /directions would be welcomed .



Edited by: Maroof Rashid on Mar 23, 2010 9:19 AM

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Hi Maroof,

Check the link: for details about mail forms and its usage.

If you are using tracking via intermediate site, you need to have a redirection page. Use the tracking via intermediate site, if you are sending the mails outisde your firewall. For testing you can use the other option "Tracking via target site" and send it to some id with in your firewall.

BR, Sathish R

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Hi Satish

Can you help me out with regard to redirection of URL as i am stuck with the same scenario as you explained in your answer, where i have to use Intermediate site option for sending links in email for the tracking for customers. I hvae done the config settings, it is works fine Internal nework, but i am not sure how i can do the re-direction of the URL. Can you please explain me


I am sending email with following link

i need to re-direct to to our CRM system which is

Thank you in advance



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Hi Maroof,

i am also getting issue.. please help me how to resolve above issue.



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Hi Shankar,

Have you configured the URL redirect .Please let me know what steps you have performed.

thanks  & Regards,