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Understanding campaign performance KPIs


Dear MKT Cloud experts,

I have a some questions for you, because in all official marketing cloud guides I didn´t find any answer.

1.) What is the exact difference between KPIs "rejected" and "E-Mail complaint"?

2.) When will the "Opened Messages" KPI will be triggered or increased in campaign perfomance? In Outlook e.g. I have the possibility to look into a preview of a E-Mail. Normally no images in preview will be load. If I want to see images included in a E-Mail than I have to click on the necessary button above the header of a E-Mail. On the other hand I am able to double click a E-Mail in inbox, top open that E-Mail in fullscreen. Will only a opened E-Mail will count a opend, of all included messages will be display (because of the invisible pixel)?

3.) What will be measured in KPI "Unique clicks"? The links included in a E-Mail or is there a dependency with opened messages?

4.) Is the "Click-Through-Rate" the same as a reactivity rate or is that something different?

5.) If I monitor the campaign success in segmentation I do have another question. If I build a segment for a particular campaign based on interaction "click-through", I can see that 73 contacts within this campaign do have this interaction. If I want to see the distribution of clicked links, I can see that the systems calculates 86 contacts who clicked on the different links. How is that difference possible? Any idea?

Thanks for helping me out, and if someone got a tip where I can see overall documentation or explanation about campaign KPIs perfomance of SAP Marketing Cloud, I would really appreciate it.

Kind regards,


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Hi Lukas,

You can reference this help document for the full list of campaign performance measures and dimensions with their respective definitions:

With regard to the "Opened Messages" KPI and how it is generated when users interact with their email (click) without downloading the images, there is a rule in place that when a CLICK THROUGH interaction is registered, an EMAIL OPENED one is created automatically. Please refer to the following document:

Hope this helps with your questions.



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Hi Bianca, those links no longer work. Is there somewhere else we can find the definitions? I am concerned that SAP MC calculates the open rate based on opens not UNIQUE opens but I cannot find this anywhere.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Gina,

Correct links are

Campaign Performance Measures and Dimensions | SAP Help Portal

Clicking Links in Emails and Opening Emails | SAP Help Portal

As per the documentation in the 2nd link "The system only creates one interaction data record with the type EMAIL_OPENED regardless of how often the email is opened."

Best Regards