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Unable to login to Electronics demo Site from Spartacus Application

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I am trying to access demo spartacus Electronics site, I see the login page but i am not able to login or register.I don't see any errors except the one below:

import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';import { translationChunksConfig, translations } from "@spartacus/assets";import { defaultOccConfig, FeaturesConfig, I18nConfig, OccConfig, provideConfig, SiteContextConfig } from "@spartacus/core";import { defaultCmsContentProviders, layoutConfig, mediaConfig } from "@spartacus/storefront";
@NgModule({ declarations: [], imports: [ ], providers: [provideConfig(layoutConfig), provideConfig(mediaConfig), ...defaultCmsContentProviders, provideConfig(<OccConfig>{ backend: { occ: { baseUrl: '', prefix:'/occ/v2/', }, }}), provideConfig(<SiteContextConfig>{ context: { urlParameters: ['baseSite', 'language', 'currency'], baseSite: ['electronics-spa'], currency: ['USD'], language: ['en'] }, }), provideConfig(<I18nConfig>{ i18n: { resources: translations, chunks: translationChunksConfig, fallbackLang: 'en' }, }), provideConfig(<FeaturesConfig>{ features: { level: '6.0' } }), provideConfig(defaultOccConfig)]})export class SpartacusConfigurationModule { }

Above is the configuration file , Looking for a solution for the issue, Thanks in advance.

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i encounter the same problem. Looking for a solution for the issue, Thanks in advance.

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