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Ttransaction statuses on CRM 4.0

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How to set the lead status automatically to ‘in process’ when opportunity is created?

How to set the Opportunity status automatically to ‘in process’ when a quotation is created ?

How to set Lead & Opportunity status to ‘Won’ when Sales order is created for the quotation ?

We are on CRM 4.0 and have the above requirements but there does not seem to be any standard functionality available to achieve the above points.

Your views,

Thanks & regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Piyush,

I think Gregor has already told you what to do.

You can achieve this through either

1. Actions (PPF, write your own BADI, I dont think any standard is available for your requirement)

2. Events CRMV_EVENT.

Actions is better to use I guess.

I think a pre-requisite is that Lead, Opportunity & Sales Order should be connected by docflow. However its not a constraint.

One of the FMs you can use is CRM_STATUS_CHANGE_EXTERN to change status to 'In Process' or 'Won' passing the GUID of the Lead, Opportunity whichever the case may be.

There is a better FM to change the status. Search this forum (SDN, CRM) as I read it at multiple places. I forgot its name. If you cannt find it let me know.

so psuedcode will be:

1. Define Action with processing time on Save of Opportunity/Sales Order.

2. Define BADI for it. Methodcall. You can use Action wizard.

3. In BADI read docflow of opportunity. You will get lead

guid. Change its status using CRM_STATUS_CHANGE_EXTERN to 'In Process' ( You need to use that status code).

4. DO same process for Sales order also.

Anything is not clear write back. This should definitely work. The coding should not be too difficult as this a common functionality customers ask for. You will also get lot of help on SDN for this.

Best REgards,


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Piyush,

Please use CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN or any BAPI to update the status instead of CRM_STATUS_CHANGE_EXTERN.

Using CRM_STATUS_CHANGE_EXTERN is not good way for CRM ORDERS & it creates problems.

I regret to have suggested you to use CRM_STATUS_CHANGE_EXTERN.

Best Regards,


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Hi Piyush,

I think you can implement this functionality by using Actions which are triggered when the defined event occurs. If there is no standard functionality you can implement your own BAdI in the post processing framework PPF.