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trigger-based email campaign for contact-to-account relationship

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Hi all,

we have activated the contact-to-account relationship feature and the C4 integration. Now we would like to trigger campaigns for the relationship instead of the contact (the relationship email address should be used instead of the contact email address).

As example:

Contact A has a relationship to Account X and Account Y.

Contact A has email

Relationship Contact A to Account X has email

Relationship Contact A to Account Y has email

Now if we load an interaction for Contact A (using the SAP_C4C_BUPA Origin) and also with the Account X as InteractionAdditionalInteractionContacts the email triggered is being sent to which is wrong since this is the email on the Contact record and it changes every time we change the email in one of the relationships on C4.

Do you know a way to archive this and sent the email using the right email address? 

We are using a campaign without communication category and ignoring marketing permissions.

Thanks in advance!



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Hello @klausk,

In SMC, you can mark a contact as MAIN Contact for an account which should solve this issue.

Did I misunderstand your query?

Best Regards,
Kunal Bansal | SAP CX Solution Architect 

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Hi @KunalBansal, that would not solve the problem. The business case is the following: a specific contact (maybe not the main) attend an event and we have to sent emails to this contact with information and custom links which are dependet of account and contact. Since we use Account-to-Contact Relationship feature one contact can submit for the same event for different accounts. In this case we have to sent multiple emails (one for each event submit) and we want to use the email address related to the contact-to-account relationship and not the one on the contact best record. Since the contact may have for relationship A the email and for the relationship B as email but the best record has and the business do not want to sent emails regarding submit for company1 to the email address of company 2. BR Klaus