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Traffic light not getting displayed properly

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Hi experts,

I have added a new column 'Due Date' in the E-Mail Workbench, on the same lines of the Due Date in the Agent Inbox.

I have to display the traffic lights (status) and the date and time, all in this column, much the same way as is done in the Due Date of Agent Inbox.

The problem I am facing is that whenever I concatenate the traffic light with the date and time, I get the output in the Due Date column as the full URL of the light and next to it the date and time is appended.

To find a temporary workaround, I made a new column 'Traffic Light', and displayed light in this, and the date and time continue to be a part of the 'Due Date' column. This arrangement works fine.

I am not sure why on displaying them together, I get this weired output.

Here is the code snippet that I have written, which gives me the undesired output:

lv_url = cl_thtmlb_util=>get_icon_url( iv_icon_name = 'notDue_1.gif' ).

CONCATENATE lv_url date time INTO value SEPARATED BY space.

Could you please suggest any possible solution? My constraint is that I need to display everything in the column 'Due Date'.



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Any help would be highly appreciated.