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Trade Promotion -Key figure planning

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Hi all,

Can anybody provide me some input with regard to customizing Key figures. Where are the key figures originally configured in the CRM or BPS or both. If key figures are maintained in CRM and BPS , should the same set of values be maintained. I am new to this area . Any help will be appreciated.Can somebody please send me some information/documents in this regard.

Also I am aware that the we configure the planning profile group under Key figure planning. Where ar ethe individual planning profiles configured. Any detailed steps in this regard will be appreciated.

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Hi Chitra

planning layout are made up of characteristics and key figures that are basically BW objects.

Depending on the usage u want to do of this object you have to or not maintain some settings in CRM.

For sure you've to cuatomize the planning profile group in CRM to retrieve the BPS profiles u're interested in.

If u want to use key figure to generate pricing in TPM you've to map, in the IMG path "trade spends for expected value", the correspondence between the spending and the key figures that should be dinamically called in TPM.

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Initially create key figures in BW and assign these key figures to Spend types in CRM (Each spend type refers to one condition type).

Path: SPRO > Key Figure Planning > Define Trade Spends for Expected Values > Select spend type (fixed/variable) > Spend method to TS type relationship maint.

Planning profile groups in CRM contain one or more planning profiles, planning profiles represents layouts, which are configured in BPS0. For ex you can have diffrent layouts for : Inputs Layout, Volume Layout, Trade Spends Layout, Summary Layout. By this layouts become available in Volume/Trade spend Tab while creating TP.

Configuration steps includes Condition Maintenance (CRM), Creation of Planning areas (BPS), Planning Profiles, Planning Levels, Planning layouts, Planning Functions, variables etc.


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Surf through below mentioned link:

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Pratik Patel

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