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Timeout when attempting to display customer hierarchy

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Dear SAP gurus:

I've had success in replicating customer hierarchy from ERP to CRM and displaying it without issue in TEST - with a small sample set. However, when it came to the full replication containing 240,000 hierarchy records (BPH_DNL took 7 hours) displaying it on the webUI would timeout. It seems to want to display the entire hierarchy tree!

We've implemented several performance related notes: 1388663, 1432952, 1433047, 1449695, 1488432, 1549833 but to no avail

I have came across a thread saying that customer hierarchy can only go 26 levels down, in our case, the most has been 3 or 4. We didn't want to try increasing timeout parameter just yet, as displaying the hierarchy can not be done in the background (or can it?).

Has anyone had similar experience and are there any solutions?

Just to reiterate, we are having timeout issue in displaying a hierarchy tree that contains 240k records.

Thanks in advance.


John Chen

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Hi Moderators,

I've had success with the replication of the hierarchy from ERP to CRM, so I believe the problem isn't the Middleware. I believe either the WebUI Framework or the Master Data forum are more suitable? Since the problem is with displaying large dataset.