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Ticket Status Durations - Reporting

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We currently use ticket status to track the progress of a ticket as it moves through to resolution. We have a number of different status over and above the standard New, in progress, resolved including Pending Customer, On Hold, Pending Supplier and a few others. Is there a report or a way to report on the duration spent in each status over the life of a ticket. Ideally we want to be able to report on e.g. all Resolved/Closed Tickets for a specified period and see for each ticket - the time they spent in each status

Any help most appreciated - have looked at trying to create some new key figures for this but cannot get to work



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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Annabelle,

The data source Ticket History contains historical data on values of tickets, including the start and end date & time of each status.

If you would like to calculate the duration between two statuses, a work-around is required because calculations on timestamps are not supported. Do the following for each status:

  1. Create extension field, type decimal number no decimals, for start date & time of the status
  2. Create extension field, type decimal number no decimals, calculated, for the duration of this status: <extension field that contains the start date & time of the next status> - <extension field created in step 1>
  3. Create workflow that updates the extension field to current date & time as soon as the status is set. This workflow will update the extension field with the number of seconds since 1/1/1970.

Now you are able to report on durations.

Best regards,

Kai Reese

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