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Ticket Routing Rules - How do I create an If-Or-Then rule?

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We are using ticket routing rules to determine Service and Support Teams for a ticket depending on the Country, Ticket Type and on the Status of the ticket.

I have completed the rules for one country and have ended up with over 100 rules and I would like to consolidate these to reduce the number.

How can I implement the following:

IF 'Country' = "Germany" AND ('Ticket Type' = "Corrective Service" OR "Installation" OR "Planned Service") AND ('Status' = "Open" OR "Onsite - Job Started" THEN 'Service and Support Team' = "Team A"

None of the comparison operators allows for multiple entries.

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Hello Chris,

You can use the Include operator to group Multiple Ticket types and Multiple Statuses. Your requirement can be achieved in a single rule.

I hope this helps to achieve your requirement in much less number of steps.

Best Regards,