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The all CUSTOMER_REL records are stoped because of one record

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I am running CUSTOMER_REL to maintain the customer/sales representative relationship in CRM.

The problem is that in R/3 I have some relationships with sales representatives that are not active anymore, so when I downloaded HR to CRM, those sales representatives weren't create in CRM.

Now, when I run CUSTOMER_REL, the records that are related to old sales representatives get SYSFAIL in CRM inbound queue "A business partner cannot be determined for personnel number &1" and the other customer rel records are not processed. I need to delete the error inbound queue, in order to the following inbound queues get processed.

Is there any way to prevent the other queue of being stopped if a error of this kind happens for another record?

Note: my CUSTOMER_REL has block size 1.

Thanks a lot!

Susana Messias

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Answers (2)

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conclusion of issue.

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Why does it say conclusion of issue? I don't see an answer. Please advise. Thanks.

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hi Susana,

I have the same problem now. Did you manage to solve the problem?

If so have you increased the block size?