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Tables fields where the system status is getting stored

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I need to find out the Quotes which have open and completed system status.

Once I find these orders I need the check the validity dates of the Quotes.

Can experts please let me know the tables where the system status and the validity dates are stored?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The status related to the quotes are stored in the table CRM_JCDS, where status have prefix I are the system statuses.

Validity dates can be fetch from FM: CRM_ORDER_READ, ET_APPOINTMENT.



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Thanks PePE.

Fo the user status there is a Table TJ30T whiich gives the user status like

E001- closed.

I am looking for a similar table for the system status.

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JEST table contains object status that is either system status or a user status. Field STAT corresponds to the Object Status. Field INACT identifies whether the status is currently active or inactive and field CHGNR is the change number that identifies the change documents for an object and is incremented serially.

TJ02 table contains the list of system status and description. All statuses in this table are internal. This means they are consistent across objects and clients. A single object can have multiple active system statuses and user statuses & inactive ones.

TJ30 table contains the list of user status and TJ30T contains their description.

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Try TJ02

It contains the System status ISTAT.

Kindly execute the report CRM_ORDER_READ.

This is a report for executing the FM CRM_ORDER_READ.

provide the transaction ID or guid as teh input.

Check the ET_STATUS and ET_APPOINTMENT tables which contain the details required.

In the table ET_STATUS search with the header GUID.

The values with I are the system status and the value with E is the user status.

Explore the result of this report to get more detail.



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Thanks all for sharing the information

I have got the tables I am looking for. I am closing the thread.

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