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@SystemSetupParameterMethod executed only once ?

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Hello guys, I have a FlexibleSearchQuery in a method annotated with @SystemSetupParameterMethod

This query controls a SystemSetupParameter with setMultiSelect(true) and then addValue() for the items I get from the database.

During the HAC Update phase, I add some items to the database and I wish to see those items refreshed when i'm back in the update HAC page.

Unfortunately it seems that the Update page is generated once for all and never refreshed. Is there a way to force it ?

Thanks !

edit: After some research, I found that it has something to do with /hac/platform/init/data which is responsible for sending the UI information in JSON, and it doesn't change its answer over time..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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SystemSetupCollectorImpl.loadSystemSetupBeans() is responsible for loading the system parameters. So I just found a hackish way to make it reload the system parameters with :

 final Method declaredMethod = SystemSetupCollectorImpl.class.getDeclaredMethod("loadSystemSetupBeans", (Class<?>[]) null);
 declaredMethod.invoke(Initialization.getSystemSetupCollector(), (Object[]) null);

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