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Suggestion on Netweaver APP.. to CRM using middleware as XI ?

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We developed new Netweaver EP application(CAF with WebDynpro)

But thing know this EP application should make integration with CRM system

to retrive the data,update the data,insert data .....

How to integrate this kind of scenario's with XI/webservices(XI preferable)?

What CRM contains? Any predefined webservices ? As it had already Integration

components? Is the data in the form of Idoc's/Bapi's ?

Can any one suggest us what kind of scenario's ? how to do this?

Adv...thanks and points


kiran LVS

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kiran,

Why you need XI here??.If you are using SAP Netweaver EP,If you objective is to connect EP and CRM,XI is not required.

Here you need to do XCM config to connect Netweaver EP and CRM system,If you want to see the price details of the Product in the Front end EP, Include IPC in your lanscape.

Hope i answered.

Allot Points if my post Helps!!!!!.


Sathya Reddy.

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Hi Sathya Reddy

But our requirement is some thing like

Many XApps(many web applications ) -


Fetching the data from CRM after that update,insert,delete etc....

Operations we need to do for the different applicaitons?

So Which is better know ? Can you help me on this

thanks and regards

kiran LVS

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