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Status Management in sap for contracts

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Hi All

Please could anyone help with a very known but yet so confusing thing in sap crm contract management.

I know most of the consultants would also want to know.

So please could any one explain this deep.

I know there is something called status while contract replication from isu to crm or vice-versa.

Like when contract is created in crm status will be A

when replicated then B.

I would be very thankful if someone would help with this.i mainly want to know basically how does it work

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Hi David,

Here are some statuses which are used mostly for CRM ISU replication process:

I1002 - Open

I1005 - Completed

I1006 - Distributed or Transmitted

I1100 - Can be archived

I1030 - Contains Errors, so it will not be replicated

I1054 - Transferring

I1056 - Transfer failed

I1167 - Transferring to execution

I1401 – Ended due to product change

I1402 - Replication Completed

I1026 - Distribution Lock

I2413 - Wait for End of Supply

I2414 - Forced Ended Contract

Most of them are self explaining by their descriptions.