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Start condition for PPF Action (Start Condition Parameter)

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Hello all,

I have created the Start Condition (BAdI EVAL_STARTCOND_PPF) for the PPF Action. It works rightly: the PPF Action is executed if the Start Condition is met.

But now the button 'Start Condition Parameter' appears in the business transaction (Tab: PPF Actions) for my PPF Action. I didn't define any Condition Parameter for the PPF Action in SPPFCADM.

By pressing on this button the business transaction terminates with runtime error (Runtime Error: OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED_NO, Except.: CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL).

Do anyone have ideas how I can get out this button or how to make the button execution correct (maybe set any settings)?

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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This was send to SAP. The SAP Note 1469671 corrects the problem

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I hope you already created an Action Profile and assigned that to the Transaction.

Please see the configuration steps and check if you haven't missed anything.[ Processing Actions in Transactions |]

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Hello Easwar Ram,

Thanks for your reply.

No, I didn't create an Action Profile. I use standard profile: /SCWM/TU (Shipping & Receiving - Transportation Unit).

I only have created a new Action Definition, Schedule and Start Conditions for this Definition. All work correctly with the exception of the button 'Start Condition Parameter'.

I don't know why the button appears because I didn't define a Condition Parameter for the Start Condition. And when I click on this button I get an error in standard SAP code:

1) li_bor_object ?= l_context->appl.

2) ls_bor_handle = li_bor_object->get_bor_object( ip_objtype = l_objtype ).

L_context->appl has value '' in the debugger. After line 1 the value of the li_bor_object is '' therefore line 2 terminates the transaction with error.

Maybe this occurs because the Action Profile uses a Persistent Class for Object Type instead of a Business Object Repository?