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Standard CTI doesn't work when we put different link in the Provider URL

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Hi experts

We were able to integrate our client's telephony (Vicidial - Asterisk based) with C4C perfectly. Unfortunately, they have a requirement wherein their softphone should be embedded in C4C so the agents won't need to switch browser tabs. They want that everything-in-C4C feel. They gave us their link and I put it in the Provider URL bar inside the Live Activity Configuration under Administrator > Service and Social. See screenshot below.

Once applied, the below screenshot shows how it looks like in Fiori. I adjusted the Provider Control Dimensions as necessary.

Unfortunately, when we try to simulate call via the adapter, it doesn't pass through. Does the link "http://localhost:36729/CTIMain.htm" has something to do with this? Please help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Denmar,

You need to configure Widget integration for your requirement. Please refer the help portal

for information.

Also, make sure to change the Provider as "External Provider" in the Live Activity configuration for Widget integration.



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